Thursday, 23 April 2009

Rush to apply to new universities

Applications at new universities have been increasing. As a result it could be that many applicants will be turned away. The recession has put pressure on the jobs market, this has as an outcome that many people are enrolling at institutions in England and Scotland.
For years the government has been urging a widening participation in higher education. Now that it has happened the government faces new challenges for extra funding. There is some uncertainty about the higher education funding, since the announcement of yesterday’s budget.
Universities claim that it would be impossible to turn away students whilst calls are made asking for a better-qualified workforce. The government should keep in mind that this is a long-term goal and it will take some time.

The credit crunch made a lot of people see that an education is important. It is an amazing reaction to the rising unemployment numbers. People wanting to learn again and educate themselves, so they an bring something to the table. The downside of course is that the government first wants everyone to learn and the moment it happens: there is no budget for it! All in all I think the government will see the importance of education and find some money somewhere.

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