Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Baby orphaned after parents try to rescue pet dogs from river

Laura Frey and Darren Greenan took their seven month year old daughter, Ellis, and two dogs for a walk along the riverbank on Sunday afternoon. The two dogs, a Jack Russell and a Collie went into the river and got into trouble. Laura sees that the dogs have difficulties and she decides to go into the river to save them. Darren stays on the riverbank with Ellis in the buggy. The moment he notices his partner is having difficulties in the river he jumps in to save her. Leaving their daughter strapped in the buggy on the riverbank.
A person of the public noticed that there were people in the water and contacted the police. Firefighters were able to haul Laura Frey out of the water and resuscitated her. Then she was taken to the hospital, where she died overnight. The body of Mr. Greenan was found on Monday morning by the police. The dogs’ bodies have also been recovered.
The couple leaves behind a seven month year old daughter.


This is a tragic story, yet so recognizable and easy to relate to. The reaction of Mrs. Frey to jump into the river to help her dogs is logic. Almost every pet owner, especially a dog owner, would have jumped in to save their dog. Dogs are often considered as a family member. Laura Frey had made a split second decisions with a result she would have never imagined. The fact that her partner jumped in to save her is also a natural response when someone you live is in danger. It is sad though. In the full article they mention that the river is very traitorous. The exterior is calm but there is an undertow that is too strong to fight. It does make me wonder if there are any warning signs for this.

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  1. Well I am not an animal lover so I would not jump into the river to save a dog, but if it was my husband in the river I would make the same mistake that Darren did. So when I go on vacation this year I am going to make sure that none of the members of my family goes swinging without proper equipment.It is a very sad story Ellis will never her parents and is now alone in the world.