Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The real-life Mr Darcy who broke Jane Austen's heart during a summer romance was a clergyman

Literary historian, Dr Andrew Norman claims he has identified Jane Austen’s mysterious lover. This man is also alleged to be the reason of the sisters fall out. The two sister had a close relationships but correspondence documents have proven that the sisters relationship cooled off. Dr Norman has the documents to prove it, the proof consist of letters between the two sisters. There is a gap in the correspondence of a few years and this is evidence of the tiff between the Austen sisters. He also refers to Jane Austen’s novel The Watsons telling a tale of sisterly betrayal.

The reason for this rift between the sisters was presumably a young man named Dr Samuel Blackall. He was a theology student and fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Stipulations are that Jane’s sister Cassandra did not approve of her sisters suitor and this caused the fall out of the two sisters.


Jane Austen is one of my all time favourite writers. Her stories are timeless because of the everyday themes she uses. All the stories she has written are about love and the difficulties one encounters when falling in love. She also shows lives from different points of view. The main characters in Austen’s books are always strong, independent women who speak their mind. While reading this article I must say that I am not surprised she had an eventful life, filled with drama. This is probably where she got her inspiration from.

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