Thursday, 18 June 2009

Here is the weather ... for July 2080

The Met Office has started the first national study on how climate change might affect Britain in the future. The forecasters expect that temperatures will rise by 3C to 4C by 2080. This increase of temperature will make it possible to have vineyards in the West Country and thus compete with the French Vineyards.

The prospects for London are less fruitful. London is already known as an urban heat-island, the heat in summer can not escape as a result temperatures rise to 31C. This urban heat-island effect in combination with global warming will push the summer temperatures in London up to 41C in 2080.

East Anglia is also dealing with a disheartening prospect. The annual temperatures could rise by 4C and the rainfall in summer will decrease up to 60%. This could lead to East Anglia Losing its position as agricultural county of England.
Full results of the studies of the Met Office will be published in June. The research will help the government to plan for long-term climate change.

Global warming is a hot topic and it seems that all the evidence that has already been shown is not enough. Multiple research has shown that the temperature in the world has been rising and it is time that the world reacts and undertakes some action. This research shows that Britain is concerned and that they take global warming seriously. Although 2080 is not in the near future people do have to think about the effects that the rise of temperature will have on the world and everything living on it.

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