Thursday, 18 June 2009

Bad hair dye

Paula Pratt, 38, decided to dye her grey hair a nice chocolate brown. She used a Clairol Nice ‘n Easy kit that she had bought for £5. Her sister helped her dye her hair and before they started they read the instructions and did the allergy test, everything seemed fine. The next day she went to work as usual.

In the evening things took an unexpected turn as her head, face and neck began swelling. The swelling was so severe that her eyes closed and is caused breathing problems. Paula said: ”The swelling started travelling down my throat and it was hard to breathe. I went straight to see my GP.” Paula’s GP sent her straight to A&E where the doctors treated her with steroids and antihistamine tablets.

Paula has recovered and has stated she will not seek compensation from Clairol but she does want to warn people about the possible reactions when using hair dye. Clairol also reacted on the unfortunate incident of Paula Pratt. A Clairol spokeswoman said: "Allergic reactions are very rare. However, we recommend all consumers conduct a 48-hour test before each use of our colourant products."

What a bizarre story! I myself dye my hair every once in a while and am fortunate enough to have never experienced something like that. What surprises me is that the woman in question does not seek compensation from Clairol. It is common that if something happens to you and is also picked up by the media that people want to make some money out of it. On the other hand she probably did not have any legal ground to stand on as Clairol warns about the possibility of an allergic reaction in the instructions.


  1. Well Rosalie I also dye my hair very often because after the age of 24 my hair needs some help. I read the article in The Sun and I felt very sorry for Paula she really looked like an “elephant woman”. The company that sales this dye product is very lucky that she is not seeking for compensation, because if it was in America they she would sue the company and get millions. European people are very civilized went it gets to sue companies in America they treat to sue you for everything. Well next time I decide to dye my hair I will go to the hairdresser because I am afraid of becoming the first black elephant woman in Europe. Very interesting article with an important message “Do not dye your hair with Clairol Nice ‘n easy kit”:-)

  2. Strange story.
    But once in a while things like this can happen, it is not the first time I hear something like this. Products like this contains a lot of chemicals, so no wonder that some people cannot stand them and get allergic reactions. If you want to dye your hair fine, but go about it in a sensible way; go to a professional hairdresser whre they can do it for you. OK, you will pay a bitmore but I think paying more is better than to deal with this problem.