Tuesday, 26 May 2009

McDonald's tests eggs from outside the battery cage

McDonald’s US restaurants are slowly introducing cage-free eggs. The burger empire is experimenting with eggs that are not from battery cages. This is a big difference compared to the McDonald’s restaurants in Britain. In Britain animal rights are taken into concern and so the restaurants there use almost only cage-free eggs. They have even promised to use 100% cage-free eggs by 2010. It is remarkable that the McDonald’s restaurant in Britain and The United States have a different policy concerning the use of eggs. Since McDonalds is the embodiment of uniformity when one looks at their products.


It is terrible that such a huge profit organization is not setting an example or adjusting to this period of time. The Burger King, another burger empire does use cage-free eggs. The fact that McDonalds claim they want to run a two year trial first to see if it will work out is preposterous. They already use cage-free eggs in most of Europe, and they will be able to find enough suppliers.

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